Real Estate Information

Round1 is actively and aggressively looking to expand throughout the nation with target rate of 10-15 stores annually.
Below are some reasons you would want to consider us to be your tenants.

#1   We deliver unparalleled
“Family Entertainment Experience”

What family will turn down visiting a 50,000 sqft facility packed with “FUN”? With our offering of bowling, arcades, pool tables, private karaoke rooms, ping pong and food it will attract and keep families coming back to experience unforgettable time together.

#2   Estimated foot traffic of 100,000
annually per store*

*According to our research.

Round1 draws great amount of traffic flow. The variety of activities available and ongoing events and promotions keeps customers wanting to come back for more!

#3   We will be bringing the latest
cutting edge games straight from japan

Having more than 110 operating facilities in Japan where the parenting company is from, we have the liberty of having access to the brand new technology of interactive games from all manufactures. Some of the games are ordered exclusively just for round1 that you will not see any where else in the country!

Market / Location Requirements

  • At least 150,000 population within 5 miles, 400,000 population within 10 miles, and 600,000 population within 20 miles.
  • Needs to be in enclosed super regional malls with more than 800,000 sqft GLA.
  • Must have direct access from parking lot and inside of the mall.
  • Having a movie theater is a plus.
  • Being close to food court is a plus.
  • 400-500 Parking Space (can be shared)


Hybrid Type 50,000 – 75,000 sqft

  • Bowling: 8-12 Lanes
  • Arcades: 270-300 Machines
  • Billiards: 8 Tables
  • Party Rooms: 2-4 Rooms
  • Ping Pong: 2-4 Tables
  • Darts: 4 Machines
  • Food&Bar: 80 – 100 seats
  • Sports Challenge Facility (20,000 – 30,000 sqft filled with a collection of sports facilities)

<Sample of floor plan>

<Further details of our construction requirements>

Full SPO-CHA Type 80,000 – 120,000 sqft

  • Bowling: 12-14 Lanes
  • Arcades: 250-270 Machines
  • Billiards: 6-8 Tables
  • Party Rooms: 2-4 Rooms
  • Ping Pong: 2 Tables
  • Darts: 2-4 Machines
  • Food&Bar: Over 150 seats
  • Sports Challenge Facility (50,000 to 70,000 sqft filled with a collection of sports facilities)

<Sample of floor plan>