Coming Soon!

★ Mario & Sonic at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games (End of June)

All locations

★ DDR USA Version (June)

★ Gunslinger Stratos 3 (End of July)

Limited Time at Round 1!

★ Gunslinger Stratos 2
Puente Hills Mall,  Eastridge Mall, CA | Southcenter Mall, WA


New Games Now in Store!

★ Disney Tsum Tsum
                 Puente Hills Mall, Lakewood Mall, Southcenter Mall, Eastridge Mall, Main Place Mall
★ Sonic Blast Ball (Redemption)

★ Galaga Assault (Redemption)
★ Ghost Busters (Redemption)
★ High Five! (Redemption)
★ UP & AWAY (Redemption)
★ Chaos (Redemption)
★ Ace Angler (Redemption)
★ Whackin Funky Gators (Redemption)

The Hottest Game of the Year!

Check out Groove Coaster! Our newest rhythm game in store at all locations!

Round1 Exclusive Arcade Games

★ School of Ragnarok
★ Crossbeats REV.

 Sound Voltex 
 Groove Coaster 
★ Initial D8
★ Purikura (Photobooth) from Japan


Redemption Games

★ Magician’s Wheel
★ Ghost Busters


★ Fish Bowl

★ Full Tilt
★ Pirate’s Hook 2
- Wizard of Oz

Driving Games

★ Show Down
★ Initial D8
★ Mario Kart DX
- Batman
- Maximum Tune 3DX+
- Thrill Drive 3

Shooting Games

★ Jurassic Park
★ Star Wars Battle Pod

★ Transformer
- Big Buck HD
- Aliens Armageddon
- Dark Escape

Rhythm Games

★ Groove Coaster
★ Sound Voltex
★ Beat Mania Ⅱ DX
★ Pump it Up Pro 50″ Prime 2015

Arcade Cabinets/Sports Games

★ NESiCA x Live
★ Pac Man Battle DLX (&Standard)
★ Tekken
★ Pac-Man Smash
- Heat Up Hockey
- Super Street Fighter

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20 Years after DDR Released, A New Dance Game from BEMANI.

Kids BOGO (Free Bowling)


Kids Play Zone opened at Silver City Galleria!

Check out our new kids play area at Silver City Galleria, MA

Kids Play Zone opened at Grapevine Store!

So much fun for any Kids under 12 at Play Zone!

For first time users of Kids Play Zone

Please help us maintain safe environment for everyone

First time playing Darts? Let us introduce some games.

Count up, 01 games are easy to start.

Most popular game of Billiards: Nine Ball

Simple game to start with. Learn more about game.

Introducing: Rules of 8 Balls

Play billiard with your friends? Try the game of 8 balls

*Age Restrictions: 18 and over after 10pm / 21 and over after 12am – unless accompanied by a ‘guardian’ 25 years or older. ID required upon entry.

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