We are multi entertainment complex offering Bowling, Arcade Games, Billiards, Karaoke, Ping Pong, Darts, and even Play land for kids. We offer the most variety of activities that are not matched by other competitors.


The story of Round1 USA

It was a huge challenge back in 2008 in Japan. Round One Entertainment Japan started the project of going overseas, looking for more growth and expansions. First oversea expansion was targeted to United States as the company opens its 1st location in City of Industry, CA back in 2010. Nobody knew about Round One entertainment in the United States back then. This was the first challenge for us. Since then, it opens 2nd and 3rd location in CA within a few years. Now we are rapidly growing and expanding to the US market nationwide.


Everyday fun for everyone to everywhere

We provide quality of service with full face of smiles. our entertainment to be endless entertainment to everyone in everyday life at anywhere. To achieve this goal, we are super serious about creating FUN. We want to create the space where families, friends, coworkers, couples can have fun and smile.
We believe our core values would bring us success and much growth.
Entertaining: we love people smile with their beloved one. We all love to entertain people.
Sincerity : we work hard to keep everyone’s fun moment, and safe environment to the guests as well as to the employees.
Passion: we have core sprit from Japan to challenge new things, to create even more fun moment!


The USA brand of Round One Entertainment, Round1 USA, is now growing in rapid pace nationwide since 2014 expansion period. We position ourselves differently from our competitors by offering many varieties of activities including our Kids Play Zone(play land for the kids). Targeting whole variety of audiences from small kids to elders, our business keep growing in the US market.
As the numbers of stores increases, our sales and revenues are growing fast. The store expansion also increases brand awareness to the market. Strong store expansion strategy is vital to increase brand awareness and become national brand in the industry.



Evolve to the ultimate entertainment. That is FUN for the creators.


Back in 1980, the owner Sugino founded former round one entertainment called Sugino Kosan and started with roller skate facility with arcade games. A few years later, the facility expanded with bowling alley and become popular. The first original Round One started in 1993. Since then, the company expand very fast to all over Japan.
Round One successfully established its national brand in Japan, and had 112 stores in 2016, and now closing down some stores to resolve carnivalization. Now it has 105 stores as of 2017.
Round One thrive to create something new to the market ans Spo-Cha was one of the challenge it went through. There was nothing like Spo-cha entertainment before then. This shows how Round One is.

*Age Restrictions: 18 and over after 10PM and 21 and over after 12AM (unless accompanied by a 'guardian' 25 years or older. ID required upon entry.

Round One Entertainment Inc.