New Games Coming Soon!!

-Pac Man Swirl (Week of July 6)
-EN Shoot (Week of July 6)
-Ground Piano Keys (Middle of July)
-Gold Fishing (End of July)

Tekken7 logo

Limited Time at Round 1!

★ Tekken 7 (Now in Store)
Puente Hills Mall, CA
Stratford Square Mall, CA
Southcenter Mall, WA

20150421 New Games

New Games Now in Store!

★ Sound Voltex (Rhythm Game)
★ Star Wars Battle Pod
(Shooting Game)
★ Time Crisis 5
(Shooting Game)
★ Silent Hill from Japan (Shooting Game)
★ Fish Bowl 
(Redemption Game)
★ Candy Crush (Redemption Game)
★ Fruit Tilt 
(Redemption Game)
★ Ocean Pearls 
(Redemption Game)
★ Jurassic Park (Shooting Game)

Star wars & Sound Voltex

The Hottest Game of the Year!

Check out the most popular and newest game from Japan… Sound Voltex’s exclusive debut in Round One USA!

Also check out our brand new Star Wars Battle Pod at any Round One locations and protect the galaxy today!

20150421 Exclusive Game

Round1 Exclusive Arcade Games

 Sound Voltex 
 Groove Coaster 
★ Initial D8
★ Purikura (Photobooth) from Japan
★ Beat Mania Ⅱ DX



Redemption Games

★ Fish Bowl
★ Full Tilt
★ Pirate’s Hook 2
- Wizard of Oz
- Mega Spin
- Flappy Tickets


Driving Games

★ Show Down
★ Initial D8
★ Mario Kart DX
- Batman
- Maximum Tune 3DX+
- Thrill Drive 3

Arcade Games

Shooting Games

★ Jurassic Park
★ Star Wars Battle Pod

★ Transformer
- Big Buck HD
- Aliens Armageddon
- Dark Escape

Rythm games

Rhythm Games

Groove Coaster
★ Sound Voltex
★ Beat Mania Ⅱ DX
★ Project Diva
★ Pump it Up Pro 50″ Prime 2015
- Gita Dora (Drum & Guiter)


PCB/Sports Games

★ Pac Man Battle DLX (&Standard)
★ Tekken
★ Pac-Man Smash
- Heat Up Hockey
- Super Street Fighter